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BPG v2 ~ Niigata ~


This application is an application that displays the location of the bicycle parking and bicycle rental of Niigata City, Japan.Displays marker on a map the location of the bicycle parking and bicycle rental.In addition, the display of the operating hours and the marker of bicycle parking and bicycle rental is not in conjunction with each other.There are three markers display of "available" "not available in the 30 minutes," "not available",At the present time, you can easily see the bicycle parking lot available.
[You are here Display]• If the position information can be obtained at the time of start-up, you will see your current location.- Again, if you want to display your location, please tap the current location marker.
[Hours another marker display]- Bicycle parking and bicycle rental business hours by, different view of the marker.- It will be automatically updated in about a minute apart.- Updated time is displayed in the upper left. (App ver2.3 or later)· If you manually update, please tap the top right corner of the update button.
【Detailed information】• The marker is detailed information screen when you tap twice to display, you can see the detailed information.· Detailed information display screen, to return to the map screen when you tap the PUSH button.
【save as bookmark】• You can be the favorite registration., Registration, change or delete can be done from the detailed information screen at the time of tap twice marker.· Registered favorites, you can choose from the menu at the top right of the screen.(If the menu does not appear, please tap the Menu button on the terminal body)
 [Multi-lingual] new!· 7 corresponds to the language.Depending on the language, is made to set the terminal, it will be automatically selected language.- Can be displayed language, Japanese, English, Korean,China (Simplified), Taiwan (Traditional), French, and Italian.• If the terminal during your use of a language other than seven languages, will be displayed in English.※ open data itself is currently in the translation.
[Supported OS] new!· Android4.0.3 supports a wide range of versions up to android6.0.1 from.· In both smartphone tablet has a built-in GPS support . ( App ver.2.4 or later)
[Development schedule function]· Of widgets added
[ License information ]We are using the Android-Bootstrap library . ( App ver.2.4 or later)
The open data of the following Niigata City , has been utilized in some modification .- Bicycle rental( September 1, 2015 currently )- Bicycle Parking( September 1, 2015 currently )
CC-BY 2.1 JP(